Friday, August 13, 2010

Tamara Mellon (Jimmy choo's co founder)'s Daughter is a very lucky girl

While working away like a dog in the office, i was thinking who I want to be in my next life.... after some bludging (no... i would say a "no reason" break ... works in the same theory as smoke breaks... and i dont get why the people that dont actually smoke gets stuck in the office !!) i was just browsing through harper's bazaar.... i found who I want to be in my next life (for this moment anyways.... i change it from time to time... im a girl... im allowed to do it!)

Its Minty Mellon.... cool name! why? (see pic)

Pretty self explanatory why... (if you want to feel jealous to the peak check out the whole album tamara said in her interview with bazaar, shes gonna pass her whole collection of shoes (over 1000 pairs) to her daughter .......... **DROOL** .. im finding it tough to even own a pair!

So i was looking at this pic and thought what made my eyes wide opened the amount of shoes shes got to categorise her shoe collection by colour.... hmmmm i can hardly do this with my clothes let alone shoes!!

heres an a bit more about tamara if you are interested :


  1. that is a crazy amount of shoes! i'm so jealous!
    cool blog

  2. what an incredibly lucky girl! definitely envious...

    btw check out my giveaway of $100 worth of A'GACI merchandise!

  3. thanks for visiting!!!!

    Did yu guys check out all the other pics from bazaar? super nice home....


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