Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jelly shoes

I have quite a lot of jelly items in my wardrobe cos I can get a piece of the brand without paying the full price.

I saw the below Jelly sandals and I absolutely adore it, after some research I found they were actually from Tod's which I find it hard to believe... price wise ... its really good value cos its cheaper than the marc jacobs jelly flats!!

How cute is the silver fuscia tassel in the middle???!!!!

P.S Im really inspired by how neat this feet looks, like sometimes when i take pictures of sandals, I get really put off by some of the ungroomed feet i see like the "corns" on toes, the cracking nails, peeling skin etc... im definately going to the pedicures more often now!


  1. im gonna start looking for these tods jellies!

    and agree with the nice grooming

  2. Fyi dona... i just did my pedicure yesterday... :P


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