Monday, August 16, 2010

Nail Art : Nails that got inspired by YSL

im a huge fan of manicure and pedicure... its something that noone really notices but definately gives me a lot of satisfaction! u become a bit obsessed with looking at your own nails haha whenever im bored, i will look down to my nails and smile....:) ok sorry i sound a bit freaky now !

the problem with nail polish is that they scratch off within a day and makes your nails yellow... so ive moved onto acrylic nails which lasts for a month. For those who dont know what acrylic gel nails are : basically your nails are covered by a layer of acrylic and when placed under uv light, they turn into rock hard plastic! so now i dig my nails into everything without having to worry about chipping them but downside is the nails are a lot thicker now and dropping cards and coins onto the ground makes it impossible to pick up

anyway im NOT here to persuade people to go into acrylic nails as you will be addicted to it, ive had it for 3 yrs now and i dont see a day when i will have my own nails back... it sounds pretty scary huh??

so today i would like to announce.... i will start my nail art collection!

No 1: YSL inspired : base layer is dark blue.. sprinkled in the middle is electric blue glitter and on the tip is silver can do this for normal nail polish too!

YSL uses a lot of blue in their collections... love the blues they use... 

my lovely nails with neatly trimmed cuticles :)

sunset view from on the way to nail parlour ... beautiful!

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