Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Bday Cecilia!!!

Today's my eldest sister's bday and I would like to wish her good health and great happiness (as lame as it sounds, i think these 2 are actually the most important aspects of life)!!

Yesterday her friends and family celebrated with her and I took out my mini mouse outfit... (my friend always makes fun of me in this outfit) I personally love this dress which i got from a sample sale for USD10? I also took out my first pair of chanel earrings which I look back now is probably the biggest impulse purchase ive made in my life!! (why???? i was at the airport and the minute i was telling my sis that we arent gonna spend anything on shopping this holiday, the next second i was swiping my card for chanel earrings). But im glad i got it cos i saw a similar pair from chanel recently and its like 40% more expensive than these ones

the earrings below are big round studs and imbedded in the centre are sequins beads and the chanel logo... around the earrings are crystals... i bought it for USD230... come on!!... crystals and all... not a bad price right?

our very cute cake to celebrate her bday!  

definately great food, wine and time last night!

(if anyone has noticed, i took these pics with my iphone and edited with my photography apps:
1. coloursplash - makes ur photo b&w at the start and where you swipe your fingers, that part will turn back to its original color or red
2. blur fx  - makes your photo all blurred first and with where you swipe your fingers, that part will become clear...
3. more beaute - brightens and smoothens your photos
AND yes .... more reason to buy an iphone for those who havent got one... im a devil!! i know!!)

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