Monday, August 9, 2010

my random shopping thoughts no.1

love it when i grab things at a bargain and people guess my bargains are much more expensive than what i got it for and love it when these bargains arent those where it lasts for only 3 weeks but actually 1 yr!!

the red wedges i got a year ago and still loving them as much as when i saw them the first time in a small boutique. The clogs i got from H&M... love the chunky wooden heels... exactly what i wanted to find!! the best feeling is finding exactly what you have been looking for... dont you agree? Whos tried looking for weeks and weeks something and never been able to find the right product... and when you dont need to find that thing, u find it during random shopping but never buy it cos you dont think u needed it!! i tell myself to buy it everytime before i forget!
yes im in self satisfaction right now haha

p.s have been wearing these shoes till the wood breaks in summer


  1. the bottom pair has a classy twist to it.. .

    and yes it is a classic case of murphy's law but the more stuff, the merrier :)

  2. i havent seen these at h&m, can you tell me when u got them? Thanks!

  3. @ devilishlypleasurable : really I like the upper pair more cos of the red colour :)

    @ annie : i got them around 6-8 weeks ago but cant remember exactly... h&m sells out too quickly so wont be surprised if they are gone within days


  4. thank you for your comment on fashionbomb... some people can be soo harsh & rude. & THEY DONT even know me! hahaha
    so thnks again


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