Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love it or hate it - emma watson's new hair

WOW!! what a change!!! its totally different from what she had before... and this was just posted on her blog without stating her intentions but my thoughts are she just wants to completely have a new image and steer out from the cute little Harry potter girl and wants a career move... But if she purely just wants an edgy haircut .. sorry mate!! wrong move!! cos personally i think its really ugly!

Short hairs arent easy to rock, you really have to have that style and personality, and emma looks like shes aged 10yrs .... if this is not very a well planned our career move, then i have no idea what shes thinking

Your thoughts? love it or hate it!

Kate moss did sth similar 10 yrs ago which i loved!! sorry maybe im biased but she did score a chanel coco madmoiselle ad with this new haircut!!

Michelle Williams: Best example of how an haircut can bring you to a whole new image and look. I use dislike her, thought she was not pretty and all around nothing special at all.... but after her cut... i find her really pretty and edgy, a whole new michelle williams trying to manage her life leaving the sad past behind! GREAT MOVE!! gold stars for the hairstylist!


  1. dont like it but dont hate it........ maybe have some more shape in the haircut wouldve been better

  2. love it.... suits her a lot... sorry for disagreeing with you

  3. hey thanks for your comments.... im surprised what different critiques people have!!

    i really dislike it dunno why !


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