Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dogs in Fashion Campaigns

So I was reading bagaholicboy's blog (http://bagaholicboy.com/2010/08/bagaholicboy-muses-211-of-feline-persuasion/#comments) the other day on felines being featured in fashion campaigns and it got me thinking, what about dogs? or how about other animals? So I went google searching.....

Here is what I found. Although this research is clearly statistically insignificant, google image and google search results returned ALOT MORE results when I searched for fashion campaign dogs (around 3.85 million) compared to cats (around 2million), too bad these aren't really related to fashion (it's because humans like to dress up their dogs and prance them around in parades!!!!!)

Anyway, back to fashion....so I only found a couple of fashion campaigns that actually featured dogs in their campaigns. Funnily enough, one only had dogs in the campaign (without a female model) and the other only had a dog in the background (rather than photographed with a female model). I guess dogs doesn't really represent anything 'fashionable' and 'trendy'?
Here are the campaigns. F/W 09 Moncler. These Golden Retrievers are SUPER CUTE. Shot by Bruce Weber. These are actually his dogs. So original and so hip.

S/S 10 Stella McCartney - featuring Lucky The Dalmatian: Stella's own dog while growing up (shot by Linda McCartney). Totally upstaged Natalia Vodianova.
So if designers and photographers are using their own dogs in the photos, I wonder whether the cats belong to any of the designers? (probably not....). It's actually not the first time Stella used animals in her campaigns too (albeit, not real ones...but nonetheless supercute and super PETA friendly!)

F/W 09 Stella McCartney. Love you Bambi.

So here's a challenge to you, can you find my any fashion campaigns that features sharks? or spiders? or crocodiles? (not crocodile skin either, a live one pls). I'm just saying....

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  1. i find it funny how natalia is actually smaller than the dog on the ad

    fyi about fashion and animals : hermes had horses in theirs ... and squirrels too!


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