Thursday, September 9, 2010

Australia's Next Top Model - Cycle 6

Who has been following AusNTM on youtube and one day all the videos were blocked and deleted?? HOWWWW devastating!!!! its prob the best "next top model" around the world especially when compared with the american one... the girls actually all have potential and doing "real" fashion shoots! and for everyones information in Cycle 3 alice burdeau actually made it on high fashion runways!



Kelsey's my fav this cycle !! ALL THE WAY KELSEY!!! 

OK here comes the major secret.... Shhhhhhhhhhhhh........ if everyone wants to watch this ..... you can watch the AusNTM on the quality is really crap but i wouldnt complain.. better than nothing right??!! so lets all keep this low profile so we can all enjoy it till the finale!! 

those who are watching.... who are your favourites???

The Dark side

Have been really bad with posting this week mostly due to that I am absolutely flat out at work... I have somethings to vent here of the impressions I have these past few days...

Who here has truly experienced the dark side of this world? Where when you have troubles, ppl take an extra step on you? When you are in need, thats when people steal from you? When you have questions, people hide away from you? As I grow older, I am suppose to be turning more wiser and experienced but does wiser and experience mean that I now know how to be evil, ruthless and heartless to all people standing in my way (regardless if my way is the road to succession or not)?? For the past few weeks, I have had a very personal encounter with said incidents and I just feel brokened down... am I too naive for this blood sucking world? When I come to think of it, the people that are actually rich actually are the people that are immune to emotions and set up these ruthless set of policies so that everyone needs to succumb to their rules..... do I have to become like that to be successful?

So it comes down to a few questions for me.... do you rather be:
1) stupid, innocent, naive when everyone at the back is thinking how the hell you can survive on earth but you are happy
2) smart but everyday you think of new tricks to fight down competitors and you become rich but not necessarily happy

I vote for 1.... i just cant be bothered to fight everyday for money which prob doesnt make me happy but more like unhappy or dissatisfied because I expect more and more as i get more and more...

thanks for listening up to those who are reading this ...

had a brainstorm of incidents where people were once a upon a time lifted up high in the sky making these people feel like they are in heaven but was thrown down to the ground with extra pebbles/rocks coming along after them.... just to name a few just out on top of my head

Gemma Ward 

 Michael Jackson 

Mischa Barton 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lanvin x H&M - OK cant help to get excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I have already mentioned before designer collaborations with chain stores like target and H&M always disappoints me in the end but.................... i just can never help being excited and having hopes for these collections EVERY SINGLE TIME!! i cant wait to see it !! i mean u never know... maybe this collection is absofuckinglutely amazing???

a bit out of topic with this pic but cant help to revisit the simpsons x lanvin collaboration : P

Lanvin x H&M - Out in stores on November 23rd
girls.... get ready for some queuing and i think maybe we are talking about some all nighters for this one!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lacoste Names Oliveira Baptista as Artistic Director

One of my favorite brands in the past has been Lacoste but over the last few years it became more of the same-same colors, designs and ad campaigns. I think it's great for a brand to be consistent and have a clear brand image and obviously it's doing well so I'm not judging haha. You make up your own mind on this one :) Attached are the ad campaigns over the last few years...


So Oliveira Baptista is stepping in! (more also because the previous Artistic Director - Christophe Lemaire is going to Hermes to design their women's line).

So who is this new guy? Felipe Oliveira Baptista is a Portguese Fashion Designer and has worked for Max Mara, Cerruti and of cours, Christophe Lemaire. In 2003, he founded his own label and has his collections sold in places like Collette, Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Podium in Moscow (NICE!). He seems to really focused on Couture so I think it would be really fascinating to see what he can do with Sportswear.Included are some pictures from his most recent collection. His clothes looks kinda punk and I like it! What do you think?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Bday Cecilia!!!

Today's my eldest sister's bday and I would like to wish her good health and great happiness (as lame as it sounds, i think these 2 are actually the most important aspects of life)!!

Yesterday her friends and family celebrated with her and I took out my mini mouse outfit... (my friend always makes fun of me in this outfit) I personally love this dress which i got from a sample sale for USD10? I also took out my first pair of chanel earrings which I look back now is probably the biggest impulse purchase ive made in my life!! (why???? i was at the airport and the minute i was telling my sis that we arent gonna spend anything on shopping this holiday, the next second i was swiping my card for chanel earrings). But im glad i got it cos i saw a similar pair from chanel recently and its like 40% more expensive than these ones

the earrings below are big round studs and imbedded in the centre are sequins beads and the chanel logo... around the earrings are crystals... i bought it for USD230... come on!!... crystals and all... not a bad price right?

our very cute cake to celebrate her bday!  

definately great food, wine and time last night!

(if anyone has noticed, i took these pics with my iphone and edited with my photography apps:
1. coloursplash - makes ur photo b&w at the start and where you swipe your fingers, that part will turn back to its original color or red
2. blur fx  - makes your photo all blurred first and with where you swipe your fingers, that part will become clear...
3. more beaute - brightens and smoothens your photos
AND yes .... more reason to buy an iphone for those who havent got one... im a devil!! i know!!)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fashion fall colour trends 2010

here are the fall colour trends ... i dont know about you but im having a colour overdose!! anyway ive made my pics of my fall colours
- army green/olive
- sea blue to navy blue
- camel to oak
- rusty dusty pink
- red (always my fav colour every season every year)

the below are provided by refinery29.... always love their trend reports!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

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