Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lacoste Names Oliveira Baptista as Artistic Director

One of my favorite brands in the past has been Lacoste but over the last few years it became more of the same-same colors, designs and ad campaigns. I think it's great for a brand to be consistent and have a clear brand image and obviously it's doing well so I'm not judging haha. You make up your own mind on this one :) Attached are the ad campaigns over the last few years...


So Oliveira Baptista is stepping in! (more also because the previous Artistic Director - Christophe Lemaire is going to Hermes to design their women's line).

So who is this new guy? Felipe Oliveira Baptista is a Portguese Fashion Designer and has worked for Max Mara, Cerruti and of cours, Christophe Lemaire. In 2003, he founded his own label and has his collections sold in places like Collette, Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Podium in Moscow (NICE!). He seems to really focused on Couture so I think it would be really fascinating to see what he can do with Sportswear.Included are some pictures from his most recent collection. His clothes looks kinda punk and I like it! What do you think?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Bday Cecilia!!!

Today's my eldest sister's bday and I would like to wish her good health and great happiness (as lame as it sounds, i think these 2 are actually the most important aspects of life)!!

Yesterday her friends and family celebrated with her and I took out my mini mouse outfit... (my friend always makes fun of me in this outfit) I personally love this dress which i got from a sample sale for USD10? I also took out my first pair of chanel earrings which I look back now is probably the biggest impulse purchase ive made in my life!! (why???? i was at the airport and the minute i was telling my sis that we arent gonna spend anything on shopping this holiday, the next second i was swiping my card for chanel earrings). But im glad i got it cos i saw a similar pair from chanel recently and its like 40% more expensive than these ones

the earrings below are big round studs and imbedded in the centre are sequins beads and the chanel logo... around the earrings are crystals... i bought it for USD230... come on!!... crystals and all... not a bad price right?

our very cute cake to celebrate her bday!  

definately great food, wine and time last night!

(if anyone has noticed, i took these pics with my iphone and edited with my photography apps:
1. coloursplash - makes ur photo b&w at the start and where you swipe your fingers, that part will turn back to its original color or red
2. blur fx  - makes your photo all blurred first and with where you swipe your fingers, that part will become clear...
3. more beaute - brightens and smoothens your photos
AND yes .... more reason to buy an iphone for those who havent got one... im a devil!! i know!!)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fashion fall colour trends 2010

here are the fall colour trends ... i dont know about you but im having a colour overdose!! anyway ive made my pics of my fall colours
- army green/olive
- sea blue to navy blue
- camel to oak
- rusty dusty pink
- red (always my fav colour every season every year)

the below are provided by refinery29.... always love their trend reports!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camel - Fall 2010


If you havent been thrown over board by the amount of camel editorials thats been happening on every magazine then heres more!

I did my very own "how to wear camel this fall" ... my tips are never over do the whole camel colour idea... but to casualise the "camel" outfit, i suggest to mix it up with some brighter colours like red, orange and blue! wear boyfriend jeans or colored leggings... and match it with wooden wedges! to spice it up more.. i suggest to throw in some leopard prints with the look!

As I am saying this, its 35 degrees outside... theres at least 4 months more of summer for me so i will just gather ideas and hopefully wont start fall shopping until the temperature drops below 30 in average!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Best Fashion/Style Iphone apps...

Who doesnt have an iphone? So the people who doesnt actually have one wanna get one in the near future?? I bet the the answer must be yes and yes!! to those who havent got it yet... once you have it, life just does not run smoothly without it!!

my daily routine has become checking mail in the morning and run through all news apps to keep myself updated.... then facebook comes next! during the day, will check at other apps and prob play a game or 2.. and finally, one last rerun of above before sleep.... yes it sounds crazy but iphone users will know what i am talking about!

theres so many apps you will never actually use but you just keep them in the phone JUST IN CASE!! i never really go through my huge extensive list of fashion apps cos i find a lot of them are actually useless, boring, uninformative and uncreative! this especially applies to the branded apps!! if you are a brand, you just have to have an app to keep you in the league regardless if the iphone app does any use to end users! hahah true to heart.... im just happy to have that icon on my phone to feel like i own something from that brand for FREE! having said all that, there are some fashion apps which i totally check ... some everyday and some occasionally but at least i check it right? not just placed there till it rots!

so heres my favourite fashion apps  ... (in no particular order)
1) Style.com

i actually go through all the show videos cos i love the interviews they do before and after the show with editors etc... its a good bed time watch!

2) Sales Cast

this app will make you go broke, update and notifications of the latest flash sales!! very extensive list that will make sure you spend every penny you've got

3) Zara + Topshop

Huge fan of these 2 chain stores so i need to constantly check whats new in to make sure I dont miss out any of the nice stuff before it sells out... you have no idea how crazy and fast they sell out in my area and zara is going to open an online shop which is prob the best thing in the world to happen! i cant stand queuing for fitting and paying!

4) Trend tracker

easy to browse and i personally love sites categorise by trends and an app that is actually on trends??? BINGO!

Hey lets share our favourite apps??? Is there any special apps people can recommend?? I realise that the best way to find good apps is through friends... please pleassssssssssse share...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gilt Groupe and Target?!

So I assume everyone has either heard of or bought from Gilt Groupe. It's a super successful online retail website that has flash sales every day. I've personally shopped at Gilt many many times and the best thing about the company is not the pricing (although it does make a huge difference) but so far their customer service was also quite outstanding.

I once emailed them about returning a bag that I bought from them because I saw it even cheaper at the brand's website itself. They normally don't allow you to return bags but they understood why I wanted to and they let me so I thought that was a nice gesture.

Gilt had been under alot of pressure from copycat websites since it first launched (e.g. Ruelala, Hautelook, Beyondtherack etc). I do think there is enough market for everyone if they're not too greedy. However, I do have to say, the positioning that Gilt is going for works for them, more high fashion, more exclusive, more valuable. They're also expanding into other categories too, whether it'd be Home of Children wear. I'm not sure how successful these are but it generally makes sense to be a multi-brand, multi-category online retailer (look at Amazon!) The key here is volume.

So I found out yesterday that Gilt Groupe would have an advanced 'Exclusive' sales event for Target's high fashion line / collaboration (e.g. Mulberry). So would a collaboration with Target work for Gilt? Well, Gilt cannot sustain its business just on the premium customers, they really need to expand the customer base rather than lose it to the other online retailers out there. Target, as a mass market retailer, works out perfectly for Gilt to expand their customer base. At the same time, Target would generate buzz for their collaboration. The question I have is, I know Target.com is expanding at a significant pace, why not sell directly through Target.com? Do Target really need Gilt? I assume it's a positioning play, Target also wants to be more high-fashion, more dynamic but also targeting the so-called bargain hunters. I assume Gilt Groupe customers are more avid shoppers than those that buy through Target.com so they can really leverage each others' skillset.

Will this be a once-ff thing? Doubt it - depends on how it goes but I think Gilt needs something 'exclusive' that other online retailers don't have. Will it work? Possibly - it's a great marketing campaign. For the customers, it's a great win too, you know I'm a sucker for multi-channel shopping. Either way, I think it's a win-win. Gilt needs the brand awareness and Target needs the customer base. I think it'll work. What do you think? Yay or Nay?

Oh - I LOVE the Target x Mulberry bag. Although I personally think it cheapens the Mulberry brand :(

But my Mulberry.....what have you done.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mulberry for Target !! WOOT!!! (not really...)

OH man ......... pleaaaaaaseeeee dont do a very similar version of alexa pleassssse... then my bag wont look special anymore!! i love my alexa bag!!

what do you guys think??

ive totally given up on buying these designer designing for chain stores.... everytime its a disappointment :( .... i mean  how bad were the jimmy choo shoes for h&m?? they just sell the design and get loads of money for it and the quality and the design is nothing like what the designers have in their own collections...ur better off buying a fake (not that im promoting it but u get what i mean... )

Monday, August 16, 2010

Nail Art : Nails that got inspired by YSL

im a huge fan of manicure and pedicure... its something that noone really notices but definately gives me a lot of satisfaction! u become a bit obsessed with looking at your own nails haha whenever im bored, i will look down to my nails and smile....:) ok sorry i sound a bit freaky now !

the problem with nail polish is that they scratch off within a day and makes your nails yellow... so ive moved onto acrylic nails which lasts for a month. For those who dont know what acrylic gel nails are : basically your nails are covered by a layer of acrylic and when placed under uv light, they turn into rock hard plastic! so now i dig my nails into everything without having to worry about chipping them but downside is the nails are a lot thicker now and dropping cards and coins onto the ground makes it impossible to pick up

anyway im NOT here to persuade people to go into acrylic nails as you will be addicted to it, ive had it for 3 yrs now and i dont see a day when i will have my own nails back... it sounds pretty scary huh??

so today i would like to announce.... i will start my nail art collection!

No 1: YSL inspired : base layer is dark blue.. sprinkled in the middle is electric blue glitter and on the tip is silver glitter.....you can do this for normal nail polish too!

YSL uses a lot of blue in their collections... love the blues they use... 

my lovely nails with neatly trimmed cuticles :)

sunset view from on the way to nail parlour ... beautiful!
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