Friday, July 30, 2010

Comme Des Garcon Play Pop-Up Store!

So Japanese label, Comme des Garcons recently created a pop up store based on the Play collection in my hood. To space is only opened from July 10 to August 1 and as such have compiled a selection of items exclusive to the store. It looks COOL!! I am not a huge fan of the Play collection because it's kinda boring but I love pop-up stores!!!! It's always nice to see new shops and new concepts whatever brand it might be....I really like the vintage rustic look to the entire store, fits really well with the black and white theme with a dash of bright red. LOVE IT. What do you think?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Backstage photos 2005

Fashion is a cut throat business... as heidi says "one day you're in... the next day you're out"!! I was just going through some of my drawers and found this magazine from 2005, the whole magazine is back stage photos of models and half of the models have already "retired" and we are just talking about 6 yrs ago...

looking back, gemma ward was the "it" girl! at those golden moments of her modelling career, everyone praised her, everyone booked her, everyone loved her! but look where shes at now?? everyones pretty much forgotten about her and if theres news, it will probably be some mean comment about her weight and thats it! poor thing!!

another thing i noticed in this mag is havianas and denim was the thing!! made some simple statistics..
1. out of 50 photos - 32 of the pics are models wearing havianas
2. out of 50 photos - 39 of the pics are models in denim
(yes im bored!!)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Beach Day

I had a really good weekend.... why?? what was suppose to be raining cats and dogs weekend turned out to be a sunny one... and what does that mean?? BEACH DAY OUT!

some pics to let you all have a feel of my good weekend .... SMILES!! :)

You know you're a style icon when.....

I dont like how any celebrity is called a style icon these days because they are wearing the latest trend or look, neither do i like the idea that anyone is called a style icon because they dress absolutely out there but actually look horrific and ends up on the top 10 worst dressed list!

Im not saying that celebrities dont dress well, dont get me wrong! but all i am trying to say is style icons are RARE and its not just every 2nd woman that dresses nicely!

So i thought i would like to put together a list which if you can actually meet all the below, you might be an high contender:
1) there are over 10 celebrities which are named "the next (your name)"
2) there are over 10 celebrities which are so called "best dressed"or "fashion foward" but actually adopting your most famous style
3) you actually started a new fashion trend e.g boho chic la di da di dah...
4) a bag is named after you ....
5) when googling fashion icon ... you name appears in the results that pop up
6) never been in the worst dressed list
7) vice versa to above, you're in every best dressed list
8) 1% is what you wear and 99% is about how you wear it
9) most likely you dont know that you are so called an "icon" because you are simply being yourself ... the concept of effortlessly stylish of course
10) ***MOST IMPORTANTLY**** you are not famous or an icon because of the designs you're wearing but more like designs are famous because you are wearing them...

Yes Patricia Field has credit to her style but in the end... tell me if you didnt wanna be a carrie bradshaw during the satc days?? she created a pop culture phenomena with her style!

I can name a thousand models, celebrities whos been named the next kate moss ... whether her looks or style... natalia vodianova, gemma ward, sasha pivovarova, sienna miller just to name a few...

This is audrey hepburn in breakfast in tiffanys... i could have used all the little black dresses and capri pants looks which she is most famous for.... but who wouldve made Givenchy that famous if it wasnt audrey wearing it

Theres just too many celebrities that know how to dress thanks to stylists but who can really stand out?... I dunno maybe the growth of technology makes so many things more accessible and easy that its hard to stand out anymore....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Model Tracking....Ming Xi

I've been tracking the progress of diverse models on runway for years now. It's always refreshing to see new faces and new looks paired with iconic designers. I'm a huge believer that different people can bring out different flavors even thought they are the same clothes. I guess alot depends on the designer's vision when they see models wear their clothes. Even so, it's soooooo nice to see designers branch out and reinvent themselves with new muses.So today I'm going to talk a little bit about Ming Xi. She is a newcomer to the runway scene, having become a semi-finalist in Elite's Model Look competition in 2009. Since then, she's beeeeen given a showcard on and made her runway debut in Paris! - walked for Givenchy Haute Couture in Fall/Winter 2010. More recently however, she walked in a total of 18 shows (that's right 18!!!!) at the London Fashion Week 2010 / 11. It's an amazing achievement and she well deserved it.

Not a classic beauty but I love her cheekbones and her smoldering eyes. Something very mysterious about her. She's got alot of spunk.

Her English name is actually Barbie, I personally hope she sticks with Ming Xi instead!!!!! Definitely someone to watch for the future. Very exciting.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

cartoon editiorials

This editorial was published by Elle Spain a while ago and I just absolutely loved it and cant help sharing.... just adorable!!! Best is how they are able to translate the personality of the designer into cartoon characters!!

Remember the one on the editorial on designer x Simpsons? that was hilarious!!!! and i thought the simpsons was better cos they werent just simply drawing the designers but also their latest collection in Simpson's characters and reflecting the designer style all at the same time!!

So... what other cartoon editiorials can they do? Spongebob??? err.... NO THANKS!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lanvin has landed in New York!

Finally! The extremely luxurious Paris-based fashion house has never had a boutique in the Big Apple until now! The new store is poised to open at the end of July at 815 Madison Avenue near 68th Street.

Looking at the photos of the flagship store, it looks very art deco. There are benches covered with black fox fur, dark gray Carrara marble floors and mannequins with red lips holding bird cages. Decadence to the max!

The store will occupy 3,550 square feet and the first three floors of a 6,875-square-foot, five-story town house. The two upper floors will become the company’s corporate headquarters in September.
I personally love the new store. It looks so comfy that I could stay there for hours and buy everything they have. So this is old 2009 news but I only just saw this article about Lanvin recently - did you know Michelle Obama was wearing a pair of $540 bucks Lanvin sneakers while volunteering at a food bank in Washington DC? Talk about inappropriate! I thought she's all about J. Crew and affordable clothing. Even so, love her style and her h, she always look so effortless. Nothing wrong with a pair of nice shoes once in a while!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Burberry in China

Burberry recently announced its decision to buyback their store operations in China from Franchisee Kwok Hang Holdings. for 70 million pounds. I personally think it's a great move. You have full control over your brand delivery, but more importantly, the entire profit is yours. Burberry over the last few years have been extremely successful in building an aspirational brand but it is definitely moving younger and Chinese youths have spending power.

Other brands / retailers who have declared this recently included GAP, Pumpkin Patch, Forever 21 and I'm sure there are many more. It's even more interesting to see brands like Levi's pulling out of China and then re-entering it. Have we reached a point where businesses would seriously lose out by not being in China? Google was just approved its renewed license to operate in China, another fine example of a company succumbing to China.

There is no doubt that the luxury market is growing double digits annually in the Middle Kingdom but the question is, how many of these fashion houses will actually be profitable? Chinese customers are much more sophisticated than they used to be so it's not just about owning a status symbol but also about the quality, material, cut, craftsmanship etc. Do all these brands know what the Chinese consumers want?

Since many of these foreign brands actually have their products Made in China, will the Chinese consumers still fall for them? We can argue that there are millions and millions of consumers in tier-3 or tier-4 cities in China who are still aspiring to own a Louis Vuitton bag no matter where it is made but how long will this last?

Ideally what I would personally would love to see is whether a Chinese brand can grow global and become a premier brand for style, quality and luxury. Do you think it's ever possible? I personally believe so. Shanghai Tang is a great example of a Chinese brand expanding globally. They are focusing on the Chinese heritage combined with a Western style of Service and Store Environment. I think there is room to mass market this brand and make it more affordable.

What do you think of fashion brands moving in China? Why are some of these brands acting so late in the game? Would they be able to survive this late into the game? Is it too late?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Style blogger - Bryan Boy

The age of digital media has brought a new bunch of fashion pioneers to the fashion industry... there are so many influential bloggers nowadays we have blog overloads. I have like bookmarks of 100blogs which I read and the list is building... but at the same time i'm starting to delete some of the boring ones... same old style, same old poses... (not to name any names :P)

So... my fav style blogger no. 1 :

I know I dont need to actually need to name him here cos everyone would know who he is and blah blah...but I just feel the need to congratulate him on his success which he gained from the amount of effort and dedication. His blog shows variety, from runway pics, videos and reports to his own personal style to everything that happens. He manages to show his personality and creates a very personal experience for the reader. On top of all this, I personally think his success lies on the fact that even after all these years, his blog is never boring, always new and vibrant! Great Work!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fall trends

According to, here are the fall trends 2010 with additionally my point of view :)

1. Flares - shown in Balmain's collection
comment: a little bit of flare is ok like boot leg jeans but not in the shape of lamp shades... main concern is i will need to stock in new jeans and finding the perfect pair of boot leg jeans cost A FORTUNE!

2. something velvet -
comment: brands have always been trying to heat velvet over the past few years but never succeeded... im personally never a fan but do have a nice velvet blazer in case velvet comes back this year :P

3. Camel Coat - show in Celine and Chloe
comment: YESSSSS J"ADORE!! always loved camel colour stuff... just such a graceful, classy and elegant colour...

4. a shearling -
comment: have one of those at the back of my wardrobe as well ... from kids gap!! to petite ladies out there who arent shopping in kids are missing out... BIG TIME!

5. statement gloves
comment: gloves are a classy accessory and to make it wild and adventurous is just not right.. its like making a worn/destressed denim birkin bag... doesnt make sense!

6. fur bag
comment: at the risk of being splashed with paint!

7. short cuffed jeans
comment - no please... makes people short and fat look short and fat, please no more trends for model only bodies!

8. a cropped sweater - shown in Proenza Schouler's collection
comment - i wouldnt consider this as a new trend cos been happening last year?
9. the longer skirt - as worn by the Olsen sisters
comment: honestly who can pull of the Olsen sisters look most of the time? as above comment for no. 7

10. double breasted jacket
comment: love love love as well...... hmmmmm ok.... shopping time!!!

let me know your comments as well... and add in more trends if you like!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Loewe's Fall 2010 / 11 Campaign

I am in love with the latest Loewe Fall 2010 /11 campaign! Looks amazing! I especially like how all the Victoria's Secret supermodels featured in the campaign (Rosie Huntington Whiteley - look out for her in Transformers 3, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima) looking so graceful, elegant and gorgeous. So high-fashion and yet so simple.

The bags are displayed in such an interesting way too. The campaign was shot entirely in Spain. Makes me want to go visit NOW!

For more pictures, visit the Loewe website

Fashion DIY

i love to DIY when i have time... best time killer and provides maximum satisfaction !!
Here is something that I am working on :

Check out all their tutorials if you have time, all pretty easy to do and produces really good results!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Birkin at a budget

Remember the jelly birkin days?? Everyone had to get a jelly birkin for only one obvious reason.... the birkin is just not affordable amongst us normal citizens... so i guess a jelly birkin was the next best option!

Now there are fake print birkin bags.... basically its a canvas bag in the shape of a birkin and the whole bag is printed with all the details of a birkin bag! I personally think its a pretty cool idea and its those items when you actually dont feel guilty or embarassed for for buying fakes cos fake is the selling point!!

But......(here comes the bad part) this is not those cheap jelly birkin bags... the price is ranging from USD300-400!!! ok.... thats a bit too much... its still a fake bag afterall... i dont think i wanna be paying that much money for a canvas bag! However comparing with the real birkin, its prob just 5% of the price! arrrgghh !!

Anyway, i wont buy it... will you?

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