Thursday, July 29, 2010

Backstage photos 2005

Fashion is a cut throat business... as heidi says "one day you're in... the next day you're out"!! I was just going through some of my drawers and found this magazine from 2005, the whole magazine is back stage photos of models and half of the models have already "retired" and we are just talking about 6 yrs ago...

looking back, gemma ward was the "it" girl! at those golden moments of her modelling career, everyone praised her, everyone booked her, everyone loved her! but look where shes at now?? everyones pretty much forgotten about her and if theres news, it will probably be some mean comment about her weight and thats it! poor thing!!

another thing i noticed in this mag is havianas and denim was the thing!! made some simple statistics..
1. out of 50 photos - 32 of the pics are models wearing havianas
2. out of 50 photos - 39 of the pics are models in denim
(yes im bored!!)

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