Monday, July 26, 2010

You know you're a style icon when.....

I dont like how any celebrity is called a style icon these days because they are wearing the latest trend or look, neither do i like the idea that anyone is called a style icon because they dress absolutely out there but actually look horrific and ends up on the top 10 worst dressed list!

Im not saying that celebrities dont dress well, dont get me wrong! but all i am trying to say is style icons are RARE and its not just every 2nd woman that dresses nicely!

So i thought i would like to put together a list which if you can actually meet all the below, you might be an high contender:
1) there are over 10 celebrities which are named "the next (your name)"
2) there are over 10 celebrities which are so called "best dressed"or "fashion foward" but actually adopting your most famous style
3) you actually started a new fashion trend e.g boho chic la di da di dah...
4) a bag is named after you ....
5) when googling fashion icon ... you name appears in the results that pop up
6) never been in the worst dressed list
7) vice versa to above, you're in every best dressed list
8) 1% is what you wear and 99% is about how you wear it
9) most likely you dont know that you are so called an "icon" because you are simply being yourself ... the concept of effortlessly stylish of course
10) ***MOST IMPORTANTLY**** you are not famous or an icon because of the designs you're wearing but more like designs are famous because you are wearing them...

Yes Patricia Field has credit to her style but in the end... tell me if you didnt wanna be a carrie bradshaw during the satc days?? she created a pop culture phenomena with her style!

I can name a thousand models, celebrities whos been named the next kate moss ... whether her looks or style... natalia vodianova, gemma ward, sasha pivovarova, sienna miller just to name a few...

This is audrey hepburn in breakfast in tiffanys... i could have used all the little black dresses and capri pants looks which she is most famous for.... but who wouldve made Givenchy that famous if it wasnt audrey wearing it

Theres just too many celebrities that know how to dress thanks to stylists but who can really stand out?... I dunno maybe the growth of technology makes so many things more accessible and easy that its hard to stand out anymore....

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