Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fall trends

According to Style.com, here are the fall trends 2010 with additionally my point of view :)

1. Flares - shown in Balmain's collection
comment: a little bit of flare is ok like boot leg jeans but not in the shape of lamp shades... main concern is i will need to stock in new jeans and finding the perfect pair of boot leg jeans cost A FORTUNE!

2. something velvet -
comment: brands have always been trying to heat velvet over the past few years but never succeeded... im personally never a fan but do have a nice velvet blazer in case velvet comes back this year :P

3. Camel Coat - show in Celine and Chloe
comment: YESSSSS J"ADORE!! always loved camel colour stuff... just such a graceful, classy and elegant colour...

4. a shearling -
comment: have one of those at the back of my wardrobe as well ... from kids gap!! to petite ladies out there who arent shopping in kids departments...you are missing out... BIG TIME!

5. statement gloves
comment: gloves are a classy accessory and to make it wild and adventurous is just not right.. its like making a worn/destressed denim birkin bag... doesnt make sense!

6. fur bag
comment: at the risk of being splashed with paint!

7. short cuffed jeans
comment - no please... makes people short and fat look short and fat, please no more trends for model only bodies!

8. a cropped sweater - shown in Proenza Schouler's collection
comment - i wouldnt consider this as a new trend cos been happening last year?
9. the longer skirt - as worn by the Olsen sisters
comment: honestly who can pull of the Olsen sisters look most of the time? as above comment for no. 7

10. double breasted jacket
comment: love love love as well...... hmmmmm ok.... shopping time!!!

let me know your comments as well... and add in more trends if you like!


  1. kakaka i agree with what you say about the trends only suited for model bodies e.g the tank maxi dresses now..... they wrap around the body showing every ounce of fat :O

    but slightly disagree with your gloves comment... they can still be classy even if design played around a bit e.g MMM's studded gloves

  2. camel jackets can never wear out of fashion..can't wait til winter to take mine out of the closet!!

  3. i dunno... the fall trends doesnt look very appealing to me. I thought the economy is on the rise again and designers have money to do more now? i guess not


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