Saturday, July 10, 2010

Birkin at a budget

Remember the jelly birkin days?? Everyone had to get a jelly birkin for only one obvious reason.... the birkin is just not affordable amongst us normal citizens... so i guess a jelly birkin was the next best option!

Now there are fake print birkin bags.... basically its a canvas bag in the shape of a birkin and the whole bag is printed with all the details of a birkin bag! I personally think its a pretty cool idea and its those items when you actually dont feel guilty or embarassed for for buying fakes cos fake is the selling point!!

But......(here comes the bad part) this is not those cheap jelly birkin bags... the price is ranging from USD300-400!!! ok.... thats a bit too much... its still a fake bag afterall... i dont think i wanna be paying that much money for a canvas bag! However comparing with the real birkin, its prob just 5% of the price! arrrgghh !!

Anyway, i wont buy it... will you?


  1. oh this is interesting... nice post!! so where can you get this bag?

  2. i havent seen this around US actually but i dont think i want to be paying 400 for a fake bag!! if theres a fake of this fake bag around 50 then i will prob buy! but interesting indeed...

  3. for $35


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