Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lea T, World's First Transexual Model

I know this isn't the latest news out there but I only read about her story today. Lea T, born Leandro Cerezo, is probably the world's first high-profile supermodel (assuming there are others but their identity is more obscure). I applaud the fact that Givenchy is willing to give her a shot at a major campaign (FW 2010 / 11) knowing fully well how this could impact her life once the news break out. (While saying that, Givenchy must know this will give them significant amount of exposure so why not, it's not as though they're doing that well but I give them the benefit of the doubt).

Anyway, I digress.....the person I actually want to talk about here is Riccardo Tisci, the Creative Director of Givenchy. From what I read, it seems as though he is loyal to his friends and is extremely supportive in helping Lea T find herself. He gave her a big break in fashion and allowed her to find her self-confidence even as she undergoes the sex-change in the future. To point out another anecdote, Riccardo also uses Italian Model Mariacarla Boscono on a regular basis in his runway shows and ad campaigns since Tisci has had a friendship with her since before his days at Givenchy. Seems like a pretty good friend to me.

Good luck with everything Lea T.


  1. oh wow... never knew about this actually...
    but its nice to know that we are more accepting with every type of person there is in the world!

    we need more ppl like mariacarla :)

  2. since u were talking about her... i googled and theres this graphic pic of her naked... but then i think shes really pretty and happy that shes found herself

  3. yeah i thnk so but since this is pretty controversial... dont think she will be one of the top top models... but who knows?

    thanks for both your comments!!


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