Sunday, August 15, 2010

Skinny Jeans for Babies?!!!

Read an article through WSJ recently about skinny jeans for babies (from zero to 3 months even!!!!). The children's apparel industry is growing at a significant pace over the last year (5.3% compared to 1.4% for apparel on average) according to Mastercard Spending Advisors. They key manufacturers of skinny jeans for babies include Gap Inc, American Eagle Outfitter Inc's 77kids J. Crew's Crewcuts, True Religion and Levi's.

So I understand mom's wants their kids to look cool, they can dress them up, set the trends and am willing to spend a load of money on their kids rather than themselves but is it really necessary? Are these parents projecting their own 'wannabe' image onto their kids? Just like how they want them to grow up to become a celebrity since they couldn't be one themselves? (stereotyping here)
According to the article, these jeans are tested and feedback received from parents to make sure the babies can crawl and move around in them. I guess I'm just curious to know whether there are any health issues here. Blood circulation? Does it send the wrong message to the kid to have to be skinny? Would the parents force the kid to go on a diet so that they could fit in the jeans to look cool? How financially practical is it? - I would assume that the kid would grow out of the jeans relatively quickly...

I personally think it's the parent's choice to put their kids in whatever and kids look adorable in anything they wear!!!!! I guess without knowing alot of technical information about the jeans themselves, I can't judge whether it's actually an issue to the babies' growth. If it does, then it's definitely detrimental and inappropriate!!!

What do you think of skinny jeans for babies? Cool or Not Cool?

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