Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In search for....a Perfect but Affordable Men's Bag

I've been searching for a fashionable and yet 'professional' men's working bag for awhile now. . My criteria for this bag is not that stringent but it consists of the following:
  • Strong enough to carry my laptop. Even though I have a netbook, the bag still has to be strong enough to be able to carry the weight of my computer and books etc
  • Has to have a handle for me to hand carry
  • Preferably 'leather' looking - more for the work environment
  • Should strap would be ideal since I get tired carrying by hand all the time
  • Lots of pockets inside and outside because I generally have a lot of crap I put in my bag
  • Unique and fashionable but not TOO fashion forward - I know this is a totally subjective point but something that oozes COOL would be nice. I can't be too fashion forward at work so something classic mixed with a twist would be great!
  • Last but not least - AFFORDABLE. I have a normal job with a normal income. I cannot afford to buy Burberry or Bally or Dunhill all the time (not even sure I would buy those brands anyway....). I'm thinking somewhere between USD$250 to $500 is OK for a bag that I will use daily.
So I've been keeping my eyes open and searching and searching and searching. Some of the brands I looked at included:

  • Tumi - totally famous for functional and sophisticated bags, great if you're a banker or the likes but for me, it's not really on the cool side.
  • Coach - I know they recently launched a men's line and it's not horrible. However, everytime I think of Coach, I feel like it's a women's line. Need to adjust my thinking.
  • Mandarina Duck / Y3 - I like the simple designs and shapes but like $600 - $700 for a nylon bag? Not sure if I want that.
  • Diesel / Fred Perry / Ted Baker - I love these brands but slightly too fashion forward to carry to work.
  • Others (J Crew, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Zara etc) - These are more mass market stuff and while they're nice and affordable, they just don't stand out for me and breaks too easily....I've tried.
But I do have my favorite brands for bags and I wish I had a perfect bag that is a mix of everything...
  • Matt and Nat - I like the fact that they are eco-friendly and vegan, unique designs too. Not really work focused designs...
  • Jack Spade - I've loved their bags from their launch many years ago...I personally own a few. I think they are constructed well and lasts forever. It's not very practical though...
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs - these are hip and cool. the material used aren't the best but it's affordable and fancy designs for what it is. I do think it's becoming more mass though.
  • Mulberry - I want a Mulberry bag!!! It's so classic and I love the material. It can be slightly boring at times...and slightly pricey

So I am still searching for that affordable but stylish men's work bag. I think there is certainly a market for a company that does unique but fashionable men's bags!!! I know I know, I think I'm too picky and asking for too much.

But do you have any suggestions for me?

Any obscure brands but fits the criteria is totally OK with me!!!!

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