Wednesday, August 4, 2010


For those Chanel fans who havent got ANY chanel bag in their bag collection (i.e me) then guys.... bad news!!! Chanel has marked up its price by a WHOPPING 30% in the accessories category ie bags, shoes and jewellery... buying Chanel bag seems further and further away :( The price of my wallet now is equivalent to the price of a miu miu bag.... that just sounds silly!!

Im a die hard fan of chanel in every aspect... and have always dreamed for owning a quilted 2.55 leather handbag with the double C on the lock, but Im not sure if i will buy it anymore if the bag is starting to approach the price of a hermes. All in all, hermes is much more classier altho 2 different styles! I can get satisfaction from buying the bag AND value for my money... win win situation!

so why am i even thinking about this? not like i am buy ANY of these 2 bags anyway.....

so what does everyone think about this move? I mean, yes, of course all women thinks its stupid but rationally, is this a good strategy?


  1. NO WAY! i still havent got their bags yet... and almost lost my wallet which i found... lucky or else i would have to buy another one but 30% more expensive

  2. as sad it sounds... yes they increased the price... very very sad news!! and i havent got their bags either (yet)

    lets both work hard to save every penny and make chanel rich!


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