Friday, August 20, 2010

Best Fashion/Style Iphone apps...

Who doesnt have an iphone? So the people who doesnt actually have one wanna get one in the near future?? I bet the the answer must be yes and yes!! to those who havent got it yet... once you have it, life just does not run smoothly without it!!

my daily routine has become checking mail in the morning and run through all news apps to keep myself updated.... then facebook comes next! during the day, will check at other apps and prob play a game or 2.. and finally, one last rerun of above before sleep.... yes it sounds crazy but iphone users will know what i am talking about!

theres so many apps you will never actually use but you just keep them in the phone JUST IN CASE!! i never really go through my huge extensive list of fashion apps cos i find a lot of them are actually useless, boring, uninformative and uncreative! this especially applies to the branded apps!! if you are a brand, you just have to have an app to keep you in the league regardless if the iphone app does any use to end users! hahah true to heart.... im just happy to have that icon on my phone to feel like i own something from that brand for FREE! having said all that, there are some fashion apps which i totally check ... some everyday and some occasionally but at least i check it right? not just placed there till it rots!

so heres my favourite fashion apps  ... (in no particular order)

i actually go through all the show videos cos i love the interviews they do before and after the show with editors etc... its a good bed time watch!

2) Sales Cast

this app will make you go broke, update and notifications of the latest flash sales!! very extensive list that will make sure you spend every penny you've got

3) Zara + Topshop

Huge fan of these 2 chain stores so i need to constantly check whats new in to make sure I dont miss out any of the nice stuff before it sells out... you have no idea how crazy and fast they sell out in my area and zara is going to open an online shop which is prob the best thing in the world to happen! i cant stand queuing for fitting and paying!

4) Trend tracker

easy to browse and i personally love sites categorise by trends and an app that is actually on trends??? BINGO!

Hey lets share our favourite apps??? Is there any special apps people can recommend?? I realise that the best way to find good apps is through friends... please pleassssssssssse share...

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