Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shape Up Sneakers

Everything is about being healthy now, organic food and materials, regular exercise routines and all these different vitamins and supplements but true to heart, which girl really 100% dedicated to an healthy diet or exercise routine purely for their health?? Half of the reason is to keep a good slim body (yes and it totally includes myself... ) so now the market is flooded with all these products which supposedly miraculously shape up your body including these shape up sneakers!

supposedly these sneakers are to exercise your whole body (see video and they suppose to also correct your bad posture as well!! if you are thinking these would be at the price of a normal pair of sneakers.... sorry pal.... nothing is for free ... the more functions things have, the more pricey it will be... MBTs are a whopping USD235!!

To make this UGLY (only my opinion) product marketable, so many try to dress them in a stylish way so you can wear it everyday and get your USD235 money's worth!

what will make me buy will be if some model can show how it made her lose 20 pounds wearing these (gemma ward can be their embassador??).... im sure it will be a sell out!!

conclusion: theres somethings that can never be stylish.... sorry... no buy for me!



  1. We have a few variations of these in the UK from different brands like Skechers and FitFlops. I totally agree with you, I was considering buying a pair as I'm pretty lazy when it comes to exercise so anything that will do more while I do less is worth a go!However, I couldn't bring myslef to buy a pair as they are all so clumpy and ugly...Looks like I'm just going to have tp pull my finger out and put more effort in instead!

  2. hey shugal17! thanks for checking out our blog! totally agree that nothing is a miracle but my sis who is SO LAZY decided to buy it recently. It's so UGLY but let's see if it works on her!!!!! The thing is you need to wear it everyday for it to work (supposedly) but seriously, who's going to wear that to work?!!!!


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